Location Cebu City
Who we are
The Share a Child Movement is a child-focused non-goverment organisation based in Cebu City. It is accredited with the department of social welfare and Development and with the cebu-city goverment.

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Community Vision:
Children and youth are empowered, responsible and morally upright.

Institutional Vision:
A self-sustaining resource institution promoting child rights and education.


  • Promote the rights of children to survival, protection, development and participation.
  • Institutionalize effective governance and management systems within the organization.
  • Mobilize resources for growth and sustainability.


Photo Classroom
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  • Provide educational assistance to the poor but deserving children and youth as a means for them to rise above their beginnings.
  • Implement timely and appropriate programs and services for children and young people at risk and those in need of special protection.
  • Strengthen governance and managements systems and mechanism.


Photo house dumpside
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