Description of the Structure

  • The Board of Directors (BOD) is the overall governing and highest policy making body of the organization.  The Chairperson ensures the effective and sound governance aspect of the organization.
  • The Executive Director (ED) manages the day-to-day operation of the organization and derives its mandate from the Board of Directors. The ED is responsible in executing the approved policies and programs of the organization.
  • Connected with a broken line between the Board of Directors and the Executive Director are the Council of Advisers (CoA) and the Support Group (SG).  The CoA is composed of former members of the Board or founders of the organization. Their advisory role in the organization may provide additional support to the BOD or ED and may attend annual activities of the organization.  The CoA does not have a decision-making authority. They may however be invited to attend board meetings on a case to case basis to provide guidance and expertise.  On the other hand, the SG serves as the warm bodies of the organization in terms of resource accessing and mobilization.  They can be alumni, donors or benefactors that provide financial support to the organization to sustain the program and institutional operations.  TSACMI may convene the members of the SG annually.
  • The three-member team of the Management Committee (Mancom) serves as the sounding board of the Executive Director on a day-to-day basis.  Together with the ED, the Mancom is composed of the heads of the Admin-Finance Unit and the Program Operations.  
  • The Admin-Finance Manager (AFM) heads the admin-finance unit (admin support of the organization) and supervises bookkeeper; admin officer/cashier; and the utility/messenger.
  • The Program Operations Manager (POM) heads the program operations (program support of the organization). The POM provides oversight function and supervisory function of the two core programs of the organization.
  • The Program Unit Managers (PUM) of the Esperanza G. Valenzona (EGV) Educational Assistance Program and Nina G. Valenzona (NGV) Community Development and Advocacy Program supervises the core programs of the organization. The core programs are identified as community-based and institution-based. The PUMs are responsible in managing their corresponding projects under them.  
  • The Project Coordinators and Project Staff are project-based personnel. The Project Staff positions under the Project Coordinators may vary according to the approved projects.