Share a Child Movement is committed in multiple ways for the protection and development of children and youth. The organization is active in several barangays, towns, around Cebu City where various training programs are offered for the poorest in society. We focus on education for children, offer programs and training for vulnerable children and young people and assisting poor families in remote areas. In this way we train and give information about healthcare, parenting, life skills and household finances.

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By offering different programs, we strive for the right for education, safety and a better future for the children in and around Cebu.Among the population there is a great need of help and where you as a volunteer can contribute for a period of time.

Working as a volunteer

Home visits

Together with a social worker from The Share a Child Movement, you go to communities for home visits. Together, you will register the situation at home at several families. You look at housing and living conditions, family situation, employment, income, health, education and problems within the family.

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Working in the office

During the days when you're not on the road, you work at the office of The Share a Child Movement. The data collected from the visits must be processed in a database and case studies should be made from each situation and the problems families struggle with. Besides that it is possible that you perform simple administrative tasks, for example, to help with filling out forms.

Life skills training

Life skills training is given once a week in the barangays to children and adults. You can help with the preparation and implementation of this training.

Organizing games

Once a while, we go to the barangays or the dumpside and organize games for the little children. Therefore we need help with the preparation and actually with the playing itself. The children are always so excited to play some games they didn't know before.

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If you want to be a volunteer, you can contact us, but we also work with a Dutch organization Be-More in the Netherlands who provide special arrangements for people from 17 years and older who want to be a volunteer for a short period. Not everybody can be a volunteer, there are special conditions. Ask us when you are interested. You can make a difference!

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